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My daughter (9) wants to learn programming and I'm torn about whether I should teach her something like HTML (fun, instant results etc.) or scripting (Basic, Python etc.) first. What is your opinion?

I want to dig into the Mastodon API and I thought one crazy idea would be to offer it on! I have no idea whether that has any value but it's interesting nonetheless.

Microservices has been taking a lot of heat as of late as Elon Musk takes over Twitter. Revisiting an article from 2016, microservices starts as a solution to an organisational problem more so than technical.

One thing I think a lot about now is community led infrastructure and open source projects that can outlast those who started it.

We currently have two models, corporations and foundations. Meaning companies that make money and organisations that ask for charitable donations to operate.

This is the only way projects have the scope to outlive people. Could there be another way? Community led infrastructure? Is it a thing? Is it possible a community carries forth a project? Interesting idea.

Thinking about optimal size () for a Mastodon server. I think those that get big like serve a different purpose than one's that stay smaller. Key question is at what point do you just recreate a Twitter like atmosphere.

I know its meta to talk about Mastodon on Mastodon but I gotta say it's super impressive to see a solo dev like @Gargron succeed. Speaking from experience, it's not easy to have the conviction to spend so many years doing it alone with very little in contribution or salary.

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Agree with @asim - definitely worth it. I discovered a few CLI-based tools that have proven highly useful in my daily workflow.

Super interesting to see the re-emergence of monolithic architectures. It's not just the cool factor, it's pragmatism. As someone who builds software for the masses as Micro services it's refreshing to see this step back to simplicity. Note: Most of my side projects are single process! e.g

Came across this week. A newsletter which tells you about the best dev tools. Worth subscribing.

Microservices taking a lot of heat recently because of Twitter. Shame that things get stigmatized when it's simply a pattern of development for companies with people scale.

There's something truly underrated about the API first development model. You immediately gain access to programmable building blocks which can be leveraged to build everything else.

Anyone working on cool projects they want to share? has been my full focus for the past 7 years but every so often I find time to hack on random things like... Malten - an ephemeral messaging service.

If anyone has obvious ways to improve the server, cross post regular content or other suggestions please let me know!

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