The Culture of Micro

Micro is an open and inclusive ecosystem that focuses collectively on the mission of empowering developers.


Culture is really something that is the actions and interactions of a collection of people rather than something that’s written down. We can write down our beliefs, goals, actions and so forth but really if we do not act accordingly then the culture of a society, people and company are not inline with that. Culture is also an ever morphing thing, like our objectives and personal goals. They change with time. So we do not look to define the culture of Micro but instead speak about the types of ideals Micro attempts to embody.

  1. Micro is mission driven. Focused on empowering developers to be as productive as possible.
  2. Micro is inclusive. Open to new ideas, people and embraces their differences as a strength.
  3. Micro is lean. Driven to pursue efficiency in all ways as we are engineers.

The culture of Micro is ever morphing but one that prides itself on mission, inclusion and efficiency.