Micro is company, product and project which follows an evolutionary architecture.


Nothing in the world is static and neither is Micro. Where we started life as a simple Go framework for microservices development, we have expanded the scope of our ambitions to become a platform for Micro services development. Where we were originally 1 person, we are many more. Micro continues down this path of evolution, to adapt, survive, thrive and become something bigger in the world.


The design of an evolutionary architecture is one which is continuously able to adapt either through iteration or more conscious ground breaking rebuilds. We welcome new modes of operation based on our experiences within the technology and the company. When something no longer feels like its working we look to adapt and change.

Micro is solving one problem today but a year from now, five years from now, we may be solving very different problems. Our goal is to continually build on our own foundations to enable a future that lets developers create without friction or limitation.


Primarily the goal of evolution is to survive. We are no different. As a project, product and company we want to survive. We only have limited time and money to execute on our opportunity. If we become a self sustaining entity and one which provides real value in the world then we will likely not only survive but thrive.