Personal Growth and Development

Micro is as much about a personal journey of evolution as it is about the collective mission. Every person working on or with Micro should feel like they’re growing and evolving, continually being challenged and going in the direction that makes sense for them.

Sometimes this means outgrowing Micro but other times it means finding and playing to our strengths as they change over time. Micro, the company, empowers developers and the employees of the company to buy into that change.


We don’t remain static as human beings and over time we require new challenges. This needs to be driven both by ourselves and the environment which we spend the majority of our time. It is first and foremost import to understand when personal growth is stalling and to then identify how we want to adapt and continue to evolve. Based on that we can align ourselves with the company’s mission and take on new challenges.


Personal development is more than just growth. Growth is a natural evolutionary process that occurs via both internal and external factors but without nurturing that we can stunt it and not quite thrive as we want.

Development is about taking the time to invest in things that will keep us growing. This can mean taking a step back, taking time off, switching tasks, spending time doing research, hacking on fun orthogonal or non-related projects. Basically the key is to use a gut instinct about where and how we want to spend our time while also building in an opportunity to continue to learn.

An example of that is hack days. Hack days enable us to do something different, to push the boundaries in ways we wouldn’t get the chance to otherwise do. Another completely unrelated example is to take a week to educate ourselves on current world issues considering everything we do is not done in isolation.


This sounds like a very out of scope piece of text for developers or a development repo but is in fact highly relevant considering the success of any product, project or mission is driven by human beings.