The Vision of Micro

Micro is a distributed technology company focused on driving innovation and large scale change in the world in a way only a few companies in our existence have been capable of. We’re doing this with a developer first focus.


Micro started life on the basic premise that developing software at scale was complex and for the most part not a core operational concern of a business but rather something that needed to be solved to drive forth the business requirement.

Our belief in the beginning was that a platform, a PaaS, platform as a service, as a trusted and shared environment within organisations is what unlocks compounding value, velocity of development and large scale innovation. The ability to build on the foundations of each other and leverage an ecosystem of services written by others within that same organisation is what would allow us to accelerate the business and solve new more interesting problems.


This was an insight from Google and then experiences building the H2O platform at Hailo. Google has spent decades building upon its own foundations to become an integral and indispensable part of society. Two decades ago this company did not exist and today it is the living breathing organism that powers our very lives. How did that happen? At Hailo we started to experience some of this magic as uncovered in a model for development that increased developer velocity and innovation in a way I had not seen. It’s that magic that captured my imagination and drove me to start Micro. Knowing the world needed this same form of development and also knowing I’d regret not trying to make it happen.

In 2014 I set out to pitch investors to make this happen. You can read that first pitch here. Ultimately no matter what I tried, it wasn’t meant to be, but I refused to give up or I should say, the idea refused to give up on me. Consumed by the need to do this, I open sourced Go Micro in January 2015 and even after failing to raise funding, quit Hailo to pursue the dream of Micro.


Go Micro was an attempt to take the smallest unit of change, the smallest possible piece of value in the vision and seed the kernel of an idea that could potentially grow into something at scale. My belief was always in a Platform which would be a shared place for developers to building services, to build Everything as a Service but without a team and without funding, a framework was the best place to start.

Real value creation takes time, real lasting change takes time, and patience is a skill you hone when you know you need to see something exist in the world. It is an all consuming existence and one that takes great mental fortitude to keep going.

4 years of working on Go Micro led to financing that ultimately created the opportunity to execute on the original vision from 2014. A platform for Micro services development. A shared and trusted environment in which developers from any org and any team can cross collaborate and build in a single place. An environment that generates developer velocity and compounding value with every new service added.


Micro is an opportunity to create the foundation of a technology platform that can accelerate the development of all software in the future. My belief is that in a decade from now the most important services of our generation will live and breath on the M3O platform, just as the most important pieces of software exist on GitHub.

By establishing, M3O, as a platform for Micro services development we create the ability to unlock developer productivity in a way that only exists within the largest tech companies today and to offer developers a place to collaborate and build the next generation of services by building on the foundations of each others work.

M3O is a place where we imagine everything as a service. A platform, a service, a network. The future of software.