A glossary of terms for Micro


Micro has a number of overloaded meanings. This document serves as a single source for all those, categorised by open source and product related things.

Micro itself is an overarching brand, company, product and project. As Apple, Google and others have gone through an evolution they have moved beyond the Apple Computer and Google Search Engine. Micro too moves beyond its original offering of a Framework for microservices development.

Micro is a:


As a brand Micro takes something of a developer centric world view looking to become the focal point for all developer needs and then moving beyond to be seen and used by businesses and consumers.


Micro is the company Micro Services, Inc. A globally distributed technology company focused on delivering tools and services to simplify Micro Services development. Micro is primarily a “services” company. Meaning we deliver Services to developers and end users via our M3O platform.


Micro started life as an open source project. A Go Framework for microservices development. It has thrived as a Framework and gone on to also become a Runtime and Platform.

Open Source

At a high level Micro provides the following as open source:

Dual Meaning

A few terms that are overloaded



Micro is an ecosystem which encompasses the totality of it as a project, product, platform and network. Key pieces of the ecosystem.

Apps vs Services

We are continuously evolving the meaning of Service where today it stands for a backend Micro service consumed by other services, but in the future there will be far more businesses and consumers centric in us offering Services to end users.

For the time being we are creating a line between Apps and Services.

Apps can also reference serverless Apps thought of as applications.

Cloud Services

What are cloud services and why are we a “development platform for cloud services”?

A cloud service is essentially an end service delivered to a user through the Cloud. The future of software development is cloud-native and the tools we provide are largely geared towards that model therefore Micro is a development platform for cloud services.

For more on Cloud services https://www.citrix.com/glossary/what-is-a-cloud-service.html