The MVP is Micro as a Service.


The Micro Platform is a cloud native platform built for developers. Its a fully managed Micro built on k8s in the cloud. For MVP the interaction is primarily CLI driven with only a minimal web presence for taking payments.

CLI commands

The CLI commands supported in the MVP are defined in cli.md.

User signup / onboarding

See user journey


User’s only have 1 namespace for MVP plus access to the micro namespace where the core services run. No cross talk across namespaces.

All users are paid “developer” accounts and charged $35/month.

Non functional requirements


Which stores are supported? The default store (as configured via MICRO_STORE) is service which means all store requests will hit our m3o store service which is a distributed, persistent store backed by cockroach.

If users deviate from the model of using DefaultStore they might be running

In case of any support queries we should be pushing users to the DefaultStore model.

:question: Questions Data durability guarantees? Do we do backups? No guarantees and no backups

Encryption at rest? No encryption


Manual scaling up of compute/memory as required, by a micro admin.


GMT business hours support via slack. Will have a slack channel dedicated to this.


mTLS for all communication within m3o.

Security sense check. No pen testing but ensure


Config should only be readable by something with an account for that namespace. For now it is OK for something to have namespace wide access but eventually config will be scoped per service with only accounts with admin role being able to view everything.

:warning: Out of scope