The network is a marketplace to buy, sell and share services


Micro Services, Inc. is a services company. We are defining a new way of building services for the Cloud. This is driven by the Micro Framework, Runtime and now Platform. Where there currently exists Android and iOS for mobile, we’re yet to see a standard for the Cloud. Micro is that standard.

The marketplace offers a similar opportunity as the App Store and Play Store to buy, sell and share Micro services to run on the M3O platform or a self-hosted version of it.


The marketplace offers the following:


The marketplace will offer the ability to share services for free consumption or to be sold in a variety of transactional models. In the beginning we will only support flat fee subscription and Micro itself will take 30% commission for any services sold.

Services can be hosted on the M3O platform. We will charge an additional subscription premium to either the buyer or seller depending on what their needs are.


The marketplace will be called “Network” as marketplaces are effectively networks. The word marketplace has also become something of a useless term that no one actually gravitates towards. People feel it cheapens their experience and they are immediately in the mind set of being sold to. A “Network” is to be part of something and considering this creates a new services economy it is fitting.


The “Network” will be a tab in the m3o dashboard alongside Projects and Services.